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The first step to begin your OSHC journey is to complete an enrolment form, then to set up an account within our service management App, called Xplor.


The Xplor App will give you access to manage your account information, where you will have the ability to make bookings requests as well as to follow along with your child's day whilst they are at OSHC. You will also have the flexibility of booking in casual days and report absences for your child straight from your phone with just a few taps within the Xplor App.

The Xplor app can be downloaded from Google Play or your App Store. You can login anywhere, anytime as long as you have access to the internet. 

Please click here to access and

complete the Enrolment Form.


Xplor App

Once you have completed enrolment, head to Google Play or Apple App Store to download the Xplor App and set up your account.  If you require further assistance, please refer to

The App allows for quick and convenient communication, digital sign-ins and attendance, payments, bookings and health event tracking.

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