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Rave Reviews

Great team very loving and kind. My girl was so scared the first day didn't want me to leave but the team helped her and now she loves it. Always wants to go even if I get a day off. Adam, and your team you are doing a great job and I'd highly recommend you guys to anyone - you go above and beyond for the kids and it makes me smile everyday seeing them all happy. Keep up the great work.

Alyssa Titford

I was nervous returning to work after my second baby so placing my eldest in OSHC was a daunting option. After the first week of him being there I felt 110% happy with the service! He loves the space and activities on offer and is usually begging to stay longer when I come to collect him. I am so impressed with the overall organisation of staff and their professional conduct. They are welcoming, happy and up-to-date on where my son is and what activities he’s been involved in.

Adam and the team do a wonderful job. Sometimes I take a moment to watch the interactions. I never see phones out. The Educators are always engaged and involved. And the only break you see them take is to do on the spot head counts or to hand off the kids on their radios. There is a clearly a "child first" focus evident in everything they do.

Paul Shrader



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